Don’t Let A Drug Conviction Derail Your Life

Many people underestimate the negative impact that a drug conviction will have on their future. At the Law Office of Thomas F. McKenna in Walnut Creek, California, I represent adults and juveniles against any and all drug charges. I also handle civil or criminal asset forfeiture cases involving cash, motor vehicles or other property seized in connection with a drug crime.

I have over 30 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney, and I have helped countless clients avoid the consequences and complications caused by a drug-related conviction.

Skillfully Handling Possession, Sales And Other Drug Charges

I have extensive experience in handling a variety of drug cases. I can provide you with assertive representation and a strong defense when charged with the possession or sale of marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, methamphetamine or other drugs. I also represent those accused of prescription fraud or forgery, particularly in cases involving OxyContin, Vioxx, Darvocet or other painkillers.

My experience and knowledge can also help you to avoid or reduce the significant penalties associated with more serious drug offenses, including the cultivation or manufacture of illegal drugs or the sale, distribution, conspiracy to distribute, or the possession for sale of any controlled substance, including butane hash oil.

Intelligent And Creative Defense Strategies For Drug Crimes Cases

The most effective strategies for the defense of drug crime charges in any given case will depend upon the circumstances of the arrest, your previous criminal history, and the quality of the evidence against you. In some cases, I can challenge the validity of the arrest or the seizure of drugs on constitutional grounds. If you have no prior record and were not involved in the sale of a controlled substance, I can try to arrange a pretrial diversion of the case in order to get the case against you dismissed.

Let Me Protect Your Rights And Future

For a free consultation about making the most of your rights to due process and to learn about your best options for a favorable outcome in your case, call 925-933-7500 or contact my firm online.