Skilled Defense Against Violent Crime Charges

A violent crime charge can jeopardize your freedom and place your future at risk. The serious nature of a violent crime charge makes it essential to have a skilled and experienced defense attorney who can protect your rights and your interests. The Law Office of Thomas F. McKenna in Walnut Creek, California, offers exceptional representation to those accused of violent crimes.

Effective Representation with Excellent Results

As a criminal trial attorney, I have over 30 years of trial experience in cases ranging from DUI/drunk driving and domestic violence to murder. I use my experience and familiarity with the Contra Costa County criminal justice system to help clients achieve the best possible results. Examples of the kinds of cases I handle include:

  • Homicide charges ranging from manslaughter to murder
  • Felony assault charges, such as assault with a deadly weapon, assault with great bodily harm, attempted murder, or repeat offender assault and battery
  • Felony or misdemeanor domestic violence charges
  • California three strikes offenses
  • Juvenile offenses involving violence, ranging from possession of a weapon at school to aggravated assault or homicide
  • Kidnapping, carjacking, armed robbery or mayhem
  • Weapons offenses involving concealed firearms, possession of a gun by a convicted felon, or possession of a gun in a motor vehicle

Who you choose for your lawyer will make all the difference in your case. My extensive experience and strategic judgment from the early stages of a criminal case can give you a significant advantage in defending against a violent felony assault charge.

Accused Of Committing A Violent Crime In The Bay Area?

For a free consultation to learn about your options for defending against domestic violence changes, murder charges and any crime in between, contact the Law Office of Thomas F. McKenna online or call 925-933-7500.